2017 Annual Believers’ in Christ Conference (October 11th-14th)

This is a special invitation to the Believers’ In Christ Fall Conference,
Once again, we are approaching the Believers’ Fall Training ConferenceThis year the focus will be on reviewing the reasons for the lack of power and anointing, to produce the works and ministry of Christ, in its fullness. We will also address how there is a lack of power to overcome the world and evil, and how to regain everything God meant for us, as believers, to have. We are victorious!
Join us as we search the Word, to discover the two foundational stones that brought about Jesus’ power and anointing, found in Hebrews 1:9. TO LOVE RIGHTEOUSNESS AND HATE INIQUITY, we will understand how to apply this same attitude of Jesus to our daily life.  
If you desire sound doctrine, and a deeper look into the Word, so that you ARE NOT DECEIVED in these last days, this is the conference for you. Come and discover the stones on which Jesus built his success.
Look Forward To Seeing You Soon,
Pastor Ramona Truss, National Evangelist