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National Music Ministry

Greetings Pastor and Congregation:

I pray that you are all doing well. I am looking forward to a wonderful time in the Lord and in fellowship with all of you at our upcoming June and Annual Convocations. Again, thank you to all who participated in the National Music Ministry in whatever capacity that was needed last year, from beginning to end. Everyone’s efforts, with the help of the Lord, made the music ministry a success.

This year we’re going to share the plans for songs for the National Choirs on the Original Church of God national website. Also, any changes or other plans for the National Music Ministry will be posted there as well. April 29th is the deadline to submit music for this year’s convocations. Finally, if you have song or other suggestions, you can send them to your State Minister of Music or representative to be properly uploaded, if selected. Their email addresses are listed below, along with the selected colors for each service that we are scheduled to minister in music.

God bless you all and look forward to seeing you in June.

Yours In Christ,

Michael E. Boyd

National Minister of Music

National Minister of Music

Bro. Michael Boyd –

State Music Ministry Representatives:

Indiana/Western Ohio

Sis. Kristen Poindexter –


Sis. Robin Nichols –

Pittsburgh/Northeastern Ohio

Min. Michael Pattillo –


Bro. L. A. Nannie –


Bro. John Christopher Armstrong –

June Convocation wardrobe colors for the following services:

Friday night – White with your choice of any accessory color.

Saturday night – Denim and black (Youth choir only)

Sunday morning – Red, Navy blue and white

Annual Convocation wardrobe colors for the following services:

Friday night – All white

Saturday night – Gray, yellow and white

Sunday morning – Black bottoms or suits, white tops (men solid black ties)

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